Posted on: 23 November 2020

Digital Rare Book:
India Pictorial and Descriptive
By W.H. Adams Davenport
Published by T. Nelson & Sons, London - 1888

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Excerpt from India, Pictorial and Descriptive:

What is really necessary and desirable is, that the recently-awakened popular interest in India should be confirmed and extended by the diffusion of trustworthy information respecting it. We ought to make the public as well acquainted with its affairs as they are with the affairs of the United Kingdom. We ought to accustom them to look upon it as an integral part of the Empire, to regard its inhabitants as their fellow - subjects, and to quicken in them an anxiety to promote the welfare of the masses of its population. The present volume is a contribution towards this great end. It does not, we admit, touch upon delicate points of religion or education; it does not profess to examine into the condition of the natives, or to adjust their relations towards the Imperial Government: it is, in fact, a book of description, and not of criticism and yet we are willing to hope that its usefulness will be recognized.

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