Posted on: 6 June 2019

The Great Imambara of Asaf al-Daula, Lucknow - 1795

Watercolour of the Great Imambara of Asaf al-Daula, Lucknow, part of the Hyde collection by an anonymous artist working in the Murshidabad style in c. 1790-1800. Inscribed on the back in pencil and ink: 'Emaumbarree at Lucknow.'

Nawab Asaf ud-Daula of Awadh (r.1775-1797), requested architect Kifayat-ullah in 1784 to construct the Great Imambara, for the purpose of Muharram is the commemoration of martyrdom of the imams Ali, Hasan, and Hussein. Subsequently, the imambara was used as a mausoleum for Asaf ud-Daula upon his death in 1797. Both the interior and exterior of the hall are highly decorated.

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Thanks for posting this watercolour of Imambara. A great watercolour. I have visited this Imambara in Lucknow so this is something related to me. By the way, the mourning Muharram is the commemoration of martyrdom of Imam Hussein AS. It is not a festival.

Beautiful water colour,Thank you

Muharram isn't celebrated! Be mindful.