Posted on: 21 June 2017

Details of carvings at the Prasanna Chennakesava temple, Somnathpur - 1895

This photograph of the Prasanna Chennakesava temple, Somnathpur taken in the 1890s by an unknown photographer, is from the Curzon Collection's 'Souvenir of Mysore Album'. The Keshava Temple at Somnathpur near Mysore, completed in 1268, is one of the best preserved of the temples built in the Hoysala period. Dedicated to Keshava, the god Vishnu under his three aspects, it consists of three shrines approached through a pillared mandapa. On the outer walls of the temple, at the lower levels, there are friezes with elephants, horses, makaras (mythical sea-creatures), geese and foliated scrolls. Then, a procession of gods richly encrusted with jewels and ornaments is set in the various projections of the walls created by the stellate plan of the sanctuaries. Above the panels, pilasters support miniature towers and an angled eave with a fringe projects above.

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Yes Sutanwi I have been recently over there. ..... yes it is preserved very well

devoted skill of craftsmanship and sculpture. ...unbelievable efforts to construct such a unique architectural design in other contemporary religious worshiping establishment around the world.


Where is the PDF link to the book :-)

Beautiful photo of intricate carvings <3

Super photo


Intricate Carvings.

one of my favorite temples.....awesome architecture!!!

So Old BUT Preserved As... Well




Satheesh Kumar see these are what we were talking





Kiran Dharia Yash Cyberdeath Raval

Ramjee Nagarajan