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The Kesava Temple At Somanathapur - Volume 2
By Ramanujapuram Narasimhachar
First published in Volume 64 of Indian Historical Researches - 1916

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This photograph of the Prasanna Chennakesava temple, Somnathpur taken in the 1890s by an unknown photographer, is from the Curzon Collection's 'Souvenir of Mysore Album'.The Keshava Temple at Somnathpur, the last well-preseved temple of the Hoysala period, was built in 1268. The temple faces east and is situated in the middle of a courtyard. A pillared mandapa leads to three star-shaped sanctuaries which reflect the dedication of the temple to the three aspects of Vishnu under the form of the god Keshava. This is a view looking down onto the main part of the Keshava Temple from the entrance gopura (east side). The tower over the sanctuaries have a low elevation and are completely covered with sculptures representing different Vaishnava figures and themes.

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This book is available with Department of Archeology, Mysore

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