Posted on: 10 June 2017

New Book:
Acts of Faith: Journeys to Sacred India
By Makarand R. Paranjape
Published by Hay House - 2012

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About the Book:
Acts of Faith: Journeys to Sacred India
An adventure into the heart of spiritual India that could change the way you think and live .

Acts of Faith: Journeys to Sacred India is a sensitive and enriching exploration of the essential meaning and inner dynamics of sacred India. Through a series of deeply textured narratives of well-known masters, ashrams and sacred sites, it engages with that area of contemporary India where the profane and the sacred intersect, each transforming the other. This unusual pilgrimage shows how the pathway to the Divine is plural and open, rather than closed or restricted. While there are many travel books on India, few combine an inquiry into the meaning of India with actual visits to sacred sites, encounters with contemporary gurus, and reflections on perennial themeslike faith and love. Using both textual sources and actual experiences, Acts of Faith tries to define what constitutes the sacred, making for a highly interesting cartography of India of the spirit.

About the Author:
Makarand Paranjape is an Indian Poet, Literary Critic and a Professor who was born in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. He is a renowned personality in the world of Indian Literature and a Professor at the Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi, India.

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How is this a *rare* book?

Vaishali Poddar...were you referring to this book, the other day?

writer is from JNU?

जय हो


খুব সুন্দর !

Anjor Ganvir

Wonderful page, run by Subbiah-ji, whom I was privileged to meet recently.'s not really "rare," but only out of print!

I'd surely like to buy... I have heard his lectures at RMIC, Kolkata.