Posted on: 19 April 2017

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The History of the Church of Malabar, from the time of its being first discover'd by the Portuguezes in the year 1501 : giving an account of the persecutions and violent methods of the Roman prelates, to reduce them to the subjection of the Church of Rome : together with the Synod of Diamper, celebrated in the year of Our Lord 1599 : with some remarks upon the faith and doctrine of the Christians of St. Thomas in the Indies, agreeing with the Church of England, in opposition to that of Rome. Done out of Portugueze into English
By Michael Geddes (1650-1713)
Printed for Sam Smith, and Benj, Walford, London - 1694

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The Malabar church has its roots in dark skinned Asia not fair skinned Europe. I remember watching a TV program by William Dalrymple where he said the Portuguese even insisted on painting over the dark skinned depictions of the arrival of St Thomas - painted as murals on the walls of the church - and turned all the figures to look like Europeans. This will be an interesting book to read.

One can get a hint of how languages change over a period of time from this picture. See "discover'd" and notice the "s" too.

52 AD was when St Thomas the Apostle arrived at the Malabar Coast. Christianity in India goes back almost 2000 years. A message that needs to be reinforced among current day Indians.

Payaso Moy

Markose Paret