Posted on: 18 April 2017

The Church in Karachi, Pakistan - 1860

This photograph was taken in the 1860s to form part of an album entitled 'Photographs of India and Overland Route'. It shows the Church of the Holy Trinity in Karachi in modern-day Pakistan. Commenced in 1852 and completed in 1855, the church was designed by Captain John Hill and is the oldest and largest Protestant church in Sind. The tower, at 250 feet tall, was clearly visible to ships approaching Karachi harbour and was used as a beacon tower.

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Here is the same church in about 1860, from an album of photos collected by my gt gt grandfather, Major Charles Barton, who was commanding a battery of artillery based at Karachi.

Look at Holy Trinity Church in latest photo in centre. Avari Tower at back ...This roundabout is when approaching Zenab Market from Metropole side ...

Nick Balmer ...Battery of Artillery was probably housed in building now called Services Mess, located adjacent to this big ground attached...

Here is the same church in the background. Contrasting with Gursharan's photo suggests that the surrounding buildings are very different today.

Have any of you noticed the tower the very top has been removed it now has four levels with a clocks . If my memory is right I believe the old tower was damaged by lightning and had to be rebuilt after a violent storm at the turn of 19 th century (please correct me if I have misled you about the lighting & storm).


These are nice photos. My grandfather used to run the post office there at one time.

Gosh this is an amazing building and it seems isolated from its surroundings.

Glad that it's still around.

I wish I could have seen this church when I lived there!

This building seems more in keeping with the area.

Good job