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Guru Nanak with Guru Gorakhnath, Mardana and Bala and eleven yogis, Amritsar or Lahore, ca. 1875.

Sikh woodcut.

Guru Nanak sitting with Mardana (with rabab), Bala (with peacock feathers) and twelve yogis and two more yogis flying in the air. The picture illustrates the contest involving a lost 'lota' (water-pot) and magical powers which the janam-sakhis set in Achal Batala. To the left of Guru Nanak sits Guru Gorakhnath, to the extreme left is labelled Mangal Dass, and behind Nanak sits Machhendranath.

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Meetings between Guru Nanak ji and Yogis of Nath sect took place many times in various parts of india and one major meeting took place in Sri Lanka. Gorkhnath and Macchendra ( Matsyendra) nath met Guru Nanak 2 - 3 times. 250 years after meeting Guru Nanak Dev ji , Gorakhnath and Macchedra Nath again came to meet 10th Sikh Guru Gobind Singh. These question answer sessions between yogis and Guru Nanak are known as Siddh Goshti (सिध्ध गोशटी) and it is recorded in Guru Granth sahib and in Janamsakhis. In the picture the people with big ear rings ( Kundals) are Yogis.

Gorakhnath founder of monastic Nath Sampradaya, systematized yoga techniques, organization and monastery builder, Hatha Yoga texts attributed to him, known for his ideas on nirguna bhakti, 11th or 12th century

A rate Picture and beautiful explanation .Thanks to bring this for us.

दुर्लभ दृश्य!


नविन जानकारि ।ः Thanks

They all lived in the same time?

Very interesting depiction

Nice .

आदेश आदेश गुरु गोरख को गुरु नानक को सिद्धो गुरु वरो को आदेश

Thanks for sharing this Rare Book Society of India

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