Posted on: 26 November 2016

This is India...

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On 0.36 "vasudhā iva kuṭumbakam" Cross my mind: treat world problems as they were those of a common family.

Sharing :)

Jai Shri RAM


salute to you young lady -god speed


Sad. India is misrepresented in India as well as in the world for petty political gain

India is a super terrorist by sending it's terorest to send nabour countrys to disturb thir peace and development progress many of them Pakistan is one victim, India brutal killing in kashmir that is occupation by Indian army is a big splash to the face of Indian peaceful full and invirment lover killer country....

This would be so much easier to share if it didn't have background music I know would turn off most of the viewers I know.

Lovely video

Know it.

India is teaching cultural, science, music, dance, ayurveda, philosophy, to world since vadic age till present time. In the sanatan dharma sihv mahadev is creator's all of these. Thanks