Posted on: 18 July 2016

Video Lecture:
Indian Civilization: Genetic History of India
Part 1

Raj Vedam of Indian History Awareness & Research (IHAR) highlights the mainstream narrative of Indian history and discusses the genetic history of India.

How did it all begin?

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This lecture is in three parts. It was delivered on Jan 2 2016 at my daughter's birthday gathering. Thanks for posting!

Hey! Thanks for the video.

Thanks, excellent lecture by Raj Vedam sir...

All the continents are attaching inside of the Ocean. You say new news anything for the world students and great people

Difficult to accept and digest. If it were so why are anthropomorphic and anthropological features dissimilar?

Nandan Sankriti Kaushik

very nice

So basically this video says that's we're the best in the world because we've always been the best in the world and the world knows what it knows partially because of how awesome this particular sub-continent is. And let me add a perspective, if any civilisation in the world knew about sub atomic physics and inter galactic calculations without the help of Hubble telescope and the science of optics, then that particular civilisation would have developed a simple bicycle or a mobile phone thousands of years ago, but alas! No doubt that Indian though and theory has contributed it's own light to global awareness but it's stupid to say that we were the best long before anybody even tried to form a complex society. जस्ट सेइंग

based on evidence? or myth?

1910 planes were different than today...does that mean technology of air travel was not there...same is the case with everything else... Unfortunately doctrine of destruction in modern times is because of hatred towards ideologies rather than protection of frontiers and thus today's doctrine is unethical.... definitely today we are not the best because we pelt stones...

All british copy could not make constitn mbbs allopthy harmful dryg court police all brutish sysrem not base on wed gita upnishad

Shankar Subramanian you'll like this

Theory ok , practicals so so , application very poor , possibly?

Even Einstein said that the World should be grateful and indebted to India because of its contribution to Mathematics without which no scientific development could have been possible. One thousand two hundred years of slavery has harmed the thought process and the progress but, even so we can send a Mars probe first go.. Will you applaud that?

Thanks for your information.

अगर अंग्रेजी में हाथ तंग है तो हिंदी में लिख दें. ज्ञान तो मानव जाति की संयुक्त धरोहर है, इसमें क्या 'वे' क्या 'हम'?

Ambedkar ka sawidhan 250 log nakal kar banaya sab gandhi nehru widesh me padhe the congres a o hume party hindi type nahi chal raha hai dhanya wad

Ramiz Ilham Khan, you have clearly not listened carefully. There is no baseless boasting in the video; it clearly mentioned the pathways by which knowledge-transfer took place and academic sources have been cited.

Harappa sabhyata ki Lippi mei likhne ki ek chesta he aapki...

Superb video indeed !!..Start reforming works to bring Sanskrit back ...If our ancestors can create...then we can recreate!!

The problem with Muslim especially Indian Muslims Can not accept greatness of Ancient India..because of they do then why their ancestors had changed their faith?

The ignorance of the modern lies in the fact that they believe whatever that had to be known about nature had been known. That he believes whatever he has invented/engineered within the timeframe of modern history is the best, most effective n efficient. He is unable to comprehend any dimension other than the physical. Hence his frustration, which results in denying everything that goes against his core beliefs.

Ramiz and Krishnan both have a perspective , which we cant deny.

We invented lots of things .We had lots of ideas . But we stopped thinking at certain stage . And we love mixing mythology and history !

Kindly do not mix mythology and history . We invented a lot of things but stopped thinking at a certain stage . May be due to stupid priests who were custodians of knowledge ,may be Muslim invasion which destroyed our free thinking !

Try reading a little of any of the will know what the video tries to say. It's imp to note a certain spiritual evolution is necessary as it opens up higher centres in the brain which helps the intellect further. Einstein was a genius so he knew. We aren't so we refute. Simple

went thru' all the lectures and more from the ihar channel. Lot of doubts, still very educative. Have been working on Panini, Katyayana and the languages in Chitral Valley, Thanks anyway.

Hope all Birthdays are to be celebrated like this!

Does not matter what the quality of the contents. This divide is sickening. Only hatred shows.

Dwaipayan Sen this is a proven fraud.

Expected coment from disply name(mu@#%$m)

Becoz british and Sultans ruined our culture and evidence

chamatkar .

very nice.

Wrong! !!!!!

During invasion of muslims in India, millions of ancient books were burned, temples destroyed and Hindu killed or forcibly converted to Islam. Hence, there is very little left to support the speaker. For instance Ayurveda which is practiced today is only 40% of what it actually was. Therefore majority of knowledge and evidences were destroyed. I think it's more about acceptance of what exists and revered by a certain sect instead of mud slinging with only half known facts and arrogance.

Must read this book !

Worth reading !

Rich history

This video by one of the most famous British authors Mr Graham Hancock covers the REAL history of India which academicians refuse to acknowledge.

Nix Insaan Sangeeta Gajanan Waychal very good presentation

I agree with u sir Muslim & Britishers destroyed our culture n nation

Some Britishers also helped us reconstruct our tradition ,rediscover our history .

Yes Kiran Chitradurga, we need more intellectual content in our social gatherings.

Who decides what is mythology and what is history?

Ours was a history.

It is difficult to rebuild historical facts very accurately....there will be assumptions to complete the chain. But it is evident that Sub continent gave multiple gifts to world....and compare it with other contemporaries were barbarians at that for a video "Technology of Spirituality" in youtube. You will understand greatness with facts.....unparalleled in history of world.

Do the Greeks believe in Zeus ,Hercules ,Jupiter? History is based on evidence ,mythology is imagination .

But it was just a part not explaining full views

India was resourceful and knowledgeable during till 1ce then only they wasted both fighting over territory for next 2000years

Most importantly Vedic life and culture was all about harmony and unity between nature and humans... between the individual and the universe... Hence by default all was one .....let's just take that much and work on restoring the unity without having unnecessary arguments. Can't we do that much at least on this forum? If a few of us also can't hold can we talk f the state the country the world?

quite strange - the mainstream narrative that he presents is a strawman - no one ever said that the Aryan civilization was without culture

What an ignorant comment! So you are saying there is only one path to releasing an objective or a concept. And that is the one that is happening now and It should have been realised the exact same way. Cell and bicycle are realization of communication and transportation.

Superb I have visited Bimbekta Caves near Bhopal! Atleast after seeing this wonderful presentation some Brainwashed Indians taken for a Long Ride by the first Joker PM, Nehru, wd ask rhemselves:'What is their motive? Answer is simple :Indians didn't have anything whereas as we had EVERYTHING!

Our history has been distorted by leftists

Vedic age was harmonious and peaceful. Please then, provide blueprint for modern world from vedic point of view so that we could go back.

This corrroborates the theory in the book ' the true history and religion of India, by swami prakashanand saraswati...a must read by all Hindustanis.

What about millions of Buddhist texts that were destroyed by both hindus and other faiths?

In all parts of world, there were wondering inventions and philosophies, India has too contributed to the world knowledge. But saying India is the only best, we end up sowing seeds of ignorance and giving birth to future ISIS.

Dravidians are natives.. Aryans came from Persian side. Everyone forgets indian land got seperated from africa ..hit asia causing raise of Himalayas.. sure it brought some people along with it.. that's the blacker southerners..similarly Aryan call it settlement invasion or whatever must have come from else where..their genes say this..that's my offense to anyone

Reality is even more bizarre. The mainstream history taught to us is nothing but a modified version of British history. Aryans ( Anglo Saxon) invaded India ( Britain ) and drove away the Dravidians ( celts ) to South India ( Wales ). Then Mohammed Ghori ( William the conqueror) took over. Finally Akbar ( Henry I ) married a Rajput ( Saxon) princess unified the country. The narrative changes from this point to justify the British rule in India and formalized by Nehru's Discovery of India. Time to rebook has come


Gud effort ...keep it up . History has a science....we need to work on this

So we need to base our beliefs on what the Greeks believe? Yes, history should be based on evidence but who decides what is evidence? Astronomical phenomena described in epics are not evidence just because someone decided to label it mythology?

Some of you are stating opinions as facts.... Please dont get blinded or consumed by some personal way of thinking. Todays civilization is far more comprehensive, inclusive..... and yes , each phase on human/ social anthropology was way ahead of times and was precursor step of bigger thing to come.

Sahana Singh ; No one decides Myth and History..... what is supported by facts is History and one that is based on 'JUST" folk lore is Myth, like a story or song. A curious thing however is Myth is not far from reality, that is story writer when writing Ramayan or Mahabhrta or even Koran , may have based it on real life events or hear say from other parts of the world . example : Greek Mythology (Odyssey ) and Hindu Mythology Ramayan is very similar - Abduction of Helen / Sita old testament and Koran very similar. ABraham / Ibrahim ....( always wondered the word Brahman )

Sahana Singh ,so Krishna ,Rama ....are all historical figures . Fine !

we underestimate the power of communication in the old days, we also think our time is more advanced… . But older civilizations were equal Lets look for example our time , Einstein’s theories are becoming facts as we explore space , which means since our Sciences were limited , we could not test Einstein’s theories , but now we can go in space , we are finding them many are correct . Thus similarly , a lot of scientist in early days from Aryabhata , Archimedes, , Aristotle were on par of today ,theoretically. So now that we have established the older civilizations had intelligent and brilliant people, then we also know they wrote, Some wrote Novels , some wrote scientific finding , some wrote on social , some wrote on the heavenly gods and the force of nature. So we today have to decipher what is what and not blindly follow , because some clergy man, some priest , some dictator , some idiot , told us ….and moreover our parents,. Everyone is limited to their thoughts, education , upbringing and experiences

Human intellect evolves ,knowledge expands . We need not imagine that the ancients were more intelligent . Evolution is not retrograde .

Dipak Chakravarty , on a scientific level , principles of physics, maths and chemistry were developed way early in human civilization, it was the complimentary eco system, which was missing to propagate and put those principles to work. If one reads Aristotle, it makes ME think , that if Humans knew so much then, and were so scientifically advanced , by now we should have done time travel ...BUT what happened to us , perpetually , was HUMANITY and RELIGION and ARTS..... For Humanity to survive , we need all facets of academics or human angle to mature. Humans wasted and suppressed sciences in the name of power , dictatorship, its the humans VAIN nature that has held science up. ... even Today, Putin from russia, Shariya laws for women. So today, question is , are we evolving in sciences or scientific advancements just manifestations of what ancestors knew ? , in our case today both are working together. Both are needed , We can only succeed through trail and thats what generations haven been doing trying and passing the info to next gen to perfect it. Evolution as a concept is not retrograde, Humanity is cursed to retrograde. till a new order is born , some time in future.