Posted on: 24 August 2015

20 Libraries In India Which Will Appeal To Every Bookaholic!
By Mohita Adhvaryu

We often exalt libraries across the world for their collection, their architecture etc. but we often fail to notice the beautiful libraries we have at home. These libraries in India are not only spreading knowledge, but are also taking steps to conserve historical and rare pieces of literature and work. Here are some of the best libraries of India which are known for their beautiful architecture and collections...

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Connemara Public Library, Chennai

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looks heavenly.

Wow, i have been to 6 libraries in this list.


Wonderful library. I visited British library & Musium in London.

Opulent and so well maintained...

In my childhood, we used to go to a library in Fort William, Calcutta. It was a church converted in a library, and it was a magnet for us! We loved to sit there and read, and when the library was closed, we would climb a few steps of its towers and then chicken out as we imagined there will be ghosts up there. I loved that library!

Shrikant Kamatkar

#6 appeals to me...

Looks class ...apart..

Vishal Pipraiya

Wow.wndarful library

This reminds me of National Library of Kolkata.......similar structure....beautiful

Would love to visit this heritage building.

What a grand look

There no Heaven unless it has a vast library, my favorite music,and beautiful birds and animals, including my pets.