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Digital Book :
Origin of the Sikh power in the Punjab and political life of Maharaja Ranjit Singh ; with an account of the religion, laws, and customs of Sikhs.
By Henry Thoby Prinsep
Published by G.H.Huttmann, Military Orphan Press, Calcutta - 1834

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Painting. Portrait. Maharaja Ranjit Singh sitting in a chair.
Painted on paper.
Pahari School
Kangra Style
1850 (circa)
Panjab Hills

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Thirty-five Years in the East by J.M.Honigberger, Physician in the Court of Ranjit Singh, 1851

Digital Rare Book: Thirty-five years in the East. Adventures, discoveries, experiments, and historical sketches, relating to the Punjab and Cashmere; in connection with medicine, botany, pharmacy, etc By John Martin Honigberger (1795-1869) Late Physician to The Court of Lahore Published by H.Bailliere, London - 1852 Read Book Online: Download pdf book: