Posted on: 10 August 2015

New Book:
India by Design: Colonial History and Cultural Display
By Saloni Mathur
Published by University of California Press - 2007

"India by Design: Colonial History and Cultural Display" maps for the first time a series of historical events from the Raj in the mid-nineteenth century up to the present day through which India was made fashionable to Western audiences within the popular cultural arenas of the imperial metropole. Situated at the convergence of discussions in anthropology, art history, museum studies, and postcolonial criticism, this dynamic study investigates with vivid historical detail how Indian objects, bodies, images, and narratives circulated through metropolitan space and acquired meaning in an emergent nineteenth-century consumer economy. Through an examination of India as represented in department stores, museums, exhibitions, painting, and picture postcards of the era, the book carefully confronts the problems and politics of postcolonial display and offers an original and provocative account of the implications of colonial practices for visual production in our contemporary world."

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Why is this book rare?

This is a new book but relevant to the theme of colonial posts.

Thank you

Could you please publish the Rare Book - "Earliest book on Krishna Leela प्रेम सागर 'Prem Sagar' by Lallu Lall' Chaturbhuja Misra, Published in Hindi with illustrations Lithographed around 1860's, Printed at Munshi Nawal Kishore at his Press in Lucknow

I have this book. Worth reading.

Digital Rare Book: Prema Sagara or Ocean of Love By Lallu Lal Kavi Translated by Frederic Pincott Published by Archibald Constable & Son, London - 1897 Read Book Online: Download pdf Book: