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Digital Rare Book:
Raigadchi Jeevankatha
By Shantaram Vishnu Avalsakar
Published by Maharashtra Rajya Sahitya and Sanskriti Mandal, Bombay - 1962
In Marathi

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This books explains the history of Fort Raigad which was the capital of Shivaji Maharaj.

The Ghats from Ryghur by Baron A Friedel, London, 1833.

Coloured lithograph of 'The Ghats from Ryghur' by J.H. Lynch from an original drawing by Baron Adam Friedel (fl.1833). Plate 6 of 'Eight Most Splendid Views of India, sketched by an Officer in the Indian Army' printed by Baron A Friedel in London in 1833.

This collection provides eight views of forts situated in the modern state of Maharashtra. In 1818, the British gained control of this area from the Marathas, a Hindu kingdom was established by Shivaji (r.1645-1680). The summits of the Western Ghats, a range of hills that separate the western coast from the central plains of India, were well suited for such defensive structures.

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