Posted on: 12 February 2015

The Appearance of Shakyamuni (the Buddha) after His Death, Page from a Manuscript of the Majma' al-Tawarikh (Collection of Chronicles) of Hafiz-Abru
Afghanistan, Herat, circa 1425
Manuscripts; folios
Ink, opaque watercolor on paper.

Source: LACMA

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This re-appearance site ( the equivalent of Caperneum, Galilee for Christians & Al Aqsa masjid, Jerusalem for Mohammadens ), a holy site for Buddhists, is known as Sankisa. Its a small mound with an Ashokan elephant-top pillar. Barely 2 KM from another ancient mound - Kampilya ( Panchala fame) & 40 KM from Kannauj. Approx. 1.5 hrs drive from Agra & a popular extension of packaged tours to the Taj, from Srilanka. Must have been on the tourist map of Herat/Afghan/Central Asian visitors to Kannauj & Budaun circa 1425 ( )