Posted on: 8 August 2014

'Kaniyajee and the Gopees'
Painted by Fanny Parkes

From the book:
Wanderings of a pilgrim, in search of the picturesque, during four-and-twenty years in the East; with revelations of life in the Zenana
By Fanny Parkes
Published by Pelham Richardson, London - 1850

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That's very unusual....

Many examples can be found of this 'COMPOSITE ART" in Indian Miniature Paintings of 17th-18th C

This is a beautiful paining.I have seen such paintings in Orissa.

Beautiful. ..The collector in me definitely wants to possess....any idea where to find these?

This painting is called Nav nari kunjar

There are sculptures of this format in Tamil Nadu temples.

Would Mr Batra object, Jayshree Shukla