Posted on: 8 August 2014

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Wanderings of a pilgrim, in search of the picturesque, during four-and-twenty years in the East; with revelations of life in the Zenana
By Fanny Parkes
Published by Pelham Richardson, London - 1850

Fanny Parkes's exuberant journals trace her journey from prim memsahib to sitar-playing Indophile and provide one of the most enjoyable accounts of colonial India.
- William Dalrymple.

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thank you. 1 + 2.

Excellent. Thanks! I was quite amused to see that the author name was in Urdu inside. It's almost as if she's challenging the average English reader to find out the author's identity. :)


Really wonderful book and provide an insight of India that was in the mid-nineteenth century. Alas! none of the Indian authors have produced such great work as this, so far.

What is the price for reading online?

Can we get them . If s. address please. Regards. Rajendra Prasad


Good information.

obviously an excellent job, nd it may b an inspiration to them who hv such a huge intrst in study about our culture nd its origin. nd thnkful to the society again fr sharing this link wid us.

यह गजब की किताब है.

Have read this book and it is a wonderful travelogue !