Posted on: 26 June 2014

Ruins of the Naurattan, Sasaram, Bihar - 1811
By Thomas Daniell, 1749–1840
Oil on canvas

Inscription: Signed and dated, lower right: "T Daniell | 1811"

Source: Yale Center for British Art

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Birth place of Sher Saha Suri of Sultan regime,besides a good ruler(he ruled for 2 years only,he died accidentally due to explosion in his explosive go down ) he was a excellent administrator and he is considered to be forerunner of Akbar the Great for his good work.

Why Akbar 'the great' ?

What's their condition today ...

Naurattan sounds like 'Navaratna' i.e. word in Sanskrit. Many instances like these point out towards the 'Motherly Language' status of Vedic Sanskrit.

want to see the present condition...

wish I could travel back in time and see it in its pristine glory...