Posted on: 26 April 2014

Madhav Rao Narayan, the Maratha Peshwa with Nana Fadnavis and Attendants
by James Wales

Date painted: 1792
Oil on canvas, 228 x 186 cm

This portrait group was commissioned by the Peshwa shortly after James Wales arrived in Poona, western India, in 1792. Probably through the help of Wales's patron, Sir Charles Warre Malet, who was the British Resident at the Maratha Court, Wales was invited to paint portraits of many members of the court.

He was assisted in this portrait by his friend, the artist and engraver Robert Mabon. They took great pains over the details of the jewellery, weapons, costumes and utensils – something insisted on by the Maratha Chiefs, who requested that these items be highlighted to contribute to an overall grand effect.

Collection: Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland

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Susanne Nather..attention please


Wonderful rendition of light!!