Posted on: 17 April 2014

Digital Rare Book:
The Byculla Club, 1833-1916 - A history
By Samuel T. Sheppard
Published by Bennet, Coleman & Co., Bombay - 1916

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A curious little article on the Byculla Club written on 'The World according to Sroyon' blog: ..."The book was written in 1916, four years before the Club ceased to exist, and it is a charming and delightful chronicle, if you happen to like that sort of thing. It has extracts from the Club Minute Book, invoices, croquet scores, lavish dinner menus, and many such fascinating things."... Read more:

My gt gt grandfather must have been familiar with the Byculla area, and quite probably the club. He took, or had taken the following photo of a temple near Byculla Railway Station in 1858. Does it survive today?

Yes it does. You can see it from the flyover, just past Gloria Church if you're heading to Mohammed Ali Road.

The Byculla Club, though, is now in what we know as Bombay Central. The plot is occupied by the ST bus terminal now.

Thanks Naresh Fernandes for this incredible info.