Posted on: 17 April 2014

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Bombay Place-names and Street-names - An excursion into the by-ways of the history of Bombay City
By Samuel T. Sheppard
Published by Times Press, Bombay - 1917

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A street in Bombay - 1867

This chromolithograph is taken from plate 4 of William Simpson's 'India: Ancient and Modern'. The artist depicts the teeming street of the bustling city of Bombay (Mumbai), a hub of India trade. A distinct feature of the architecture was the elaborate red-and-green coloured carving on wooden pillars and beams of houses. The man in a white turban reading a book is a Parsi priest. Simpson wrote: "the high turban of a Parsi is sure to greet you everywhere". The Parsis were adherents of the Zoroastrian religion and mostly concentrated in Bombay. Their ancestors had fled Muslim persecution in eighth-century Iran in the eighth century. At the time of this image they began to adopt items of western dress along with their native clothing.

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look the architecture of building.................great

It's look like Girgaon area

Fantastic architecture.

elegant craftsmanship

The cab looks like a Hansom Cab

I wish I had lived at that time.


Definitely Girgaum.