Posted on: 18 March 2014

Beautiful libraries of the world

The Tripitaka Koreana, Haeinsa Temple, South Korea

The Tripitaka Koreana, Haeinsa Temple, South Korea, 1231. This is one of the oldest and most remarkable collections in the world. The items on the shelves are not books, but wooden printing blocks. There are over 80 000 of them. This building is not open to the public, although you can visit the temple and stare through the windows. It is one of the most remarkable places we were given access to. The blocks have been preserved by the clever design and layout of the buildings that house them, which ensure shelter and adequate ventilation. Set high in the mountains, cool winds have helped to keep the blocks in perfect condition for over 800 years.

Source: Huffington Post

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Lovely !

Seems to a collection of buddhist scriptures

They should be protected from environmental dangers...

Has Nalanda been revibed?