Posted on: 12 March 2014

Interior of the Cave Temple of Indra Sabha at Ellora - 1830

This is plate 25 of Robert Melville Grindlay's 'Scenery, Costumes and Architecture chiefly on the Western Side of India'. Grindlay (1786-1877) was only 17 when he arrived in India in 1803. He served with the Bombay Native Infantry from 1804 to 1820 and during this period made a large collection of sketches and drawings on various subjects. Indra Sabha is the largest, and possibly the earliest, of the five 9th-century rock-cut Jain cave-temples at Ellora. Grindlay wrote: 'Of all the wonderful excavations at Ellora, this is perhaps the most remarkable for its elaborate sculpture and profusion of ornament; some of the interior columns are still more richly cut and perforated than any represented in this plate."

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