Posted on: 6 January 2014

Dance scene of 13 male figures made of plaster and painted brown with white clothing, all standing on circular wooden board (a). Figures attached to board with metal wires protruding from their feet and pass through holes in board. (b) man wearing turban and loincloth playing drum held horizontally; (c) man wearing white loincloth and turban; (d) man wearing white loincloth and turban, holding earthenware drum; (e) man wearing white loincloth and turban, carrying a stick (missing); (f) similar; (g) similar; (h) similar, one hand broken; (i) similar, stick in each hand (missing); (j) similar, with white loincloth and yellow hat; (k) similar, wearing blue loincloth and turban, hand broken. (l) similar dressed in white turban, tunic and loin cloth; (m) similar; (n) similar with sleeveless tunic; hand broken.

Gond tribe
19th century
Chhindwara District

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