Posted on: 9 July 2013

New Book:
A Kite's Eye View: India: Between Earth And Sky
By Nicolas Chorier
Foreword By: Zubin Mehta
Published by Roli Books Pvt. Ltd. - 2007

Book Review:

Eye in the sky over India: Camera on a kite snaps fabulous photographs of the sub-continent.
Daily Mail

Taken from skies high above India these startling images provide a new perspective on the country's rich culture and vibrant landscapes.

Incredibly they were snapped not from the inside of an aeroplane but from camera hanging from a simple kite.
For the last nine years French photographer Nicolas Chorier has been attaching one of his four specialist cameras to a simple Japanese-style kite in order to take thousands of pictures of places from above.

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Hampi is a village in northern Karnataka state, India, located within the ruins of Vijayanagara, which dates back to the 1st century BC.

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this is a fabulous book. the images above Ganga in Varanasi are breathtaking.

Here is the person who took this pic, Nicolas Chorier. Kudos chief.


Anurag u r doing a gud job, must get such book for me even, luv u.

Superb innovative idea to capture perspective of earth profile from great height!!!!!!

Thanks Mahendran! You keep working on my communication! ;-)

Just bought my FIFTH copy from amazon USA xoxoxoxo

At the risk of being repetitive - breathtaking indeed.


wow that is one great shot ... just beautiful

Amazing! thank you for sharing.

Yogesh Mallinathpur - camera on a kite!!!!

Pranshu Dubey something that might interest u.


lovely! on a more red-tape note, i have heard that technically it is illegal to fly kites above a certain height, as well. now, a camera-mounted kite could have security implications. so, my question is - if any kids try to build camera-mounted kites to take aerial photographs, would they need to take permissions, for the lack of which their photography (and by extension any book/website based on it) would be illegal?

A kite - snap!

which is dis place ?

beautiful like me...jk

I love the things you find my dear.

@ Pankaj - Current regulations in India lacks clarity. It does not differentiates kite / UAV / helicopter photography. Anything shot from above is Aerial photography. There is no mention on altitude anywhere. As a general aviation rule, keep your equipment below 400 feet and avoid deploying over segregated / defence space. If you want ot stick to the rules, here is the application form and you know permission will take its own time :-)


An eagle's eye view! Not every bird can fly