Posted on: 26 June 2013

Bheemtal, Kumaon, India - July 30 1878
By Marianne North

Oil on paper, 29.4 x 51 cm

Collection: British Library

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Yes kumaon ♥

Swum in there so many times. Wish it was like this. Still good though.

Tanya Sah — something that will surely evoke memories for you... :)

so peaceful!

Romal Singh its a beautiful painting however nothing close to this is present or seen in a long long time, only human greed and disgust. somehow i dont feel anything about the floods, even nature has the right to be furious. thanks for thinking of me tho :)

Can't remember where Kumaon is? is it in the north? Love the painting ...

The landscape has really changed over the century :(

And now back to original..

how serene!

sristi ka tamasa phir wahi kar diya

Bhimtal is now a concrete jungle !!! This historic temple is not to be seen anywhere at Bhimtal. We must save Bhimtal.

save our greenery

too nice its heaven

Gar firdos zami ast!

So similar in architecture to Kedarnath..

bhimtal ??? never saw this temple .wow

Wow! Gorgeous, Gayatri! Thanks for sharing this. And to think there were people living in the house I am in as i write this, at that time, and Marianne North would have most probably visited the Brits who lived here...And this is how Bhimtal looked. It breaks my heart to see what has been done to this once-lovely place. Thanks again!

The temple is the Bheemeshwar Mahadev temple, below the dam on the lake, which was built to its right.

This architecture is typical of of Pahari temples, made by laying fairly thin slabs of slate. From within the pattern is beautiful and geometric.