Posted on: 29 April 2013

Replica of the seal of Nalanda University set in terracotta on display in the ASI Museum in Nalanda.

Source: Wikipedia

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So the concept has come from Nalanda!!!

the writing on it?????????????

Do we know how old the original was? - considering the script

Great preservation.hats off

the writing in this replica seems to be Devnagri script?

can someone say what is written?

Really million thanks for such a valuable sharing

Sri Nalanda-Mahavihariy-arya-bhikshu-sanghasya 'of the community of Venerable Monks of the Great Monastery at Nalanda'. Above the inscription we see the dharmachakra with a deer on each side suggesting the scene of the Deer park of Sarnath where Buddha first preached the Law, the motif was also adopted by Pala emperors.