Posted on: 3 March 2013

The regiment formed in line, 1824 (c).

Gouache watercolour, provisionally attributed to the Company artist Naziradeem, inscribed in Persian 'nastaliq' script, 1824 (c).

One of three illustrations taken from 'The Book of rules for the Manoeuvres of the Hindustani Musket Cavalry formed by Colonel James Skinner Sahib Bahadur', written by Lieutenant-Colonel James Skinner in 1824.

Formerly an officer in the Maratha Army, Skinner raised two cavalry units for the British, later known as 1st and 2nd Skinner's Horse. Nicknamed 'The Yellow Boys' for their flamboyant saffron-coloured uniforms, they were famous for their horsemanship and skill at arms.

National Army Museum Copyright

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Can we get a higher resolution photograph please!

That would be good. It's pretty spectacular as it is tho!!