Posted on: 17 February 2013

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St. Thomas, the Apostle, in India
An investigation based on the latest researches in connection with the time-honoured tradition regarding the martyrdom of St. Thomas in southern India.
By F.A. D'Cruz
Printed by Hoe & Co., Madras - 1922

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St.Thomas, the Armenian Apostle visited King Gondophares I King of Taxasila(his Parthian name was"Phraotes")

Another Thomas ? -In the year 800, a rich Armenian Christian named Thomas Cananeus arrived at Mogodover . Having acquired the favour of the king by his presents, he received a grant of Cranganor, of which there is scarcely any vestiges remaining of the church there established by St. Thomas. On these foundations the Armenian built a new church, and another at Cranganor, which he dedicated to St. Thomas, and which is still standing on the outside of the Portuguese fort. He likewise built two other churches, one dedicated to the Holy Virgin, and the other to St. Cyriacus

Incredible information Gupta ji