Posted on: 7 February 2013

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Narrative sketches of the Conquest of the Mysore: Effected by the British Troops and their allies, in the capture of Seringapatam, and the death of Tippoo Sultaun, May 4, 1799 : with notes, descriptive and explanatory.
Collected from authentic materials
Printed by W.Justins, London - 1800

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London: 1802-1803

Porter, Robert Ker, 1777-1842 (artist)
Vendramini, Giovanni, 1769-1839 (engraver)

Combat scene between British and Indian troops on bridge over stream or moat, fortress in background.

Source: Anne S.K. Brown Military Collection, Brown University

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So nice!Tks!

Fascinating story. I had visited this Palace some years ago and I saw the secret way to the Palace which Mir Sadik betrayed Tipu.

R K Porter produced a very successful panorama of the storming of Seringapatam in 1800. A guidebook called "Narrative sketches of the Conquest of the Mysore" was produced to both aid the composition of that painting and to guide visitors at the exhibit around it's sweep. The book can be found here:

Thank you Shashi Kolar! This is indeed a fascinating book. In fact Porter's panorama came up for sale with a Delhi rare book-seller recently. The asking price was 2.50 lakhs!! I have just posted this book above.

Thanks Mr. Yadalam. Did you mean Rs. 2.5Lakh for the original? That's a steal. Do you know where it is now?

RBSI, Porter's panorama can't have come up for sale in Delhi. It was destroyed in a fire sometime in the early 1800s. Do you mean the guidebook?

Shashi Kolar and Meera Iyer: It was Vipin Jain of Vintage Books who had offered a 'panoramic print' of Porter's painting... similar to the image posted above. Will post those three images which were sent by him.

Yes, unfortunately, while he was preparing for his first exhibition, Ker Porter consigned the original panorama to storage in a friend's warehouse, where it was unhappily destroyed in a fire that consumed the premises. The huge 2550 sq ft panorama (painted in 6 weeks and at the age of 23 and without visiting India) was accompanied by a printed key and a pocket-sized companion guide 'Narrative Sketches of the Conquest of the Mysore' , which could have come up for sale in Delhi.

Oxford University Press had published a coffee table album of a collection of paintings and sketches executed by the British, including the above, some 20-25 years ago. I could not buy it then as it was priced around Rs. 1,800!

A back-stab.. shatter