Posted on: 24 January 2013

Rare video:
A rare footage from a 1913 French coloured film showing a religious procession in South India...

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This is fantastic !!!

Meu Deus!


A rare French Pathé film footage taken on Masi magam Festival celebrated every year even today on the sea shore near Pondicherry. Decorated gods charrits/pallaquins come as far Mailum.

it may be fake coz in 1913 the color motion picture technology was in premitive stage. this film footage seems 2 be in 1940s. more over in 1913 the people india were half naked.

Girish Kumar: Firstly, this footage has been described as 'colored', meaning 'color-tinted'. Secondly, it is rather callous and ill-informed to mention that " 1913 people in India were half naked"!! So it is entirely possible for this footage to have been filmed in 1913. Based on my observation of other videos of 1940 in South India...this one appears to be far more different in the way the women and young boys are dressed, the tonsured heads of young men and the uniform of the lone policeman walking with the people in the procession.

... French ? The captions are in Dutch ...

Julian , if you mean Pathé Frères...well its a company incorporated by french brothers in the late 19th century and owned by a conglomerate of french businessmen.

... Capital ' F ' in ' French ' , Arindam ...

...* French brothers*...

naked coz of the heat!! also holy bath?!

@ Girish. "more over in 1913 the people india were half naked" ^ please work on your history knowledge.. this is pathetic and hilarious