Posted on: 12 January 2013

Digital Rare Book:
By Palakapya Muni
Edited with translation in Tamil by K.S.Subrahmanya Sastri
Summary in English by S.Gopalan
Printed at The Trichinopoly United Printers, Tiruchirapalli - 1958
In Sanskrit

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Mahout on an elephant
Gouache on paper
Murshidabad, India
18th century

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Gaja Shastra is a book on elephants, all about them. Similarly, there are works on horses "Ashwa Sastram". These books have been written in many Indian languages, including Kannada.

Excellent book and I have bought the last publication on Amazon and made a gift to Emily and Burm the owners of a little sanctuary in Thailand, called BEES, Burm and Emily Elephant Sanctuary.They were very happy.

Today, both the elephant keepers of Amer fort, Jaipur & at the corbett national park, use photo-copied versions of the farsi book, "Filnamah" ( Fil - elephant in farsi & famous in Afghan carpets as the " Fil-pai" ( elephant's foot) motif, favoured by Afghan kings in their palace rooms), for the upkeep of their domesticated elephants.

Beautiful! I like the broken chains!