Posted on: 4 November 2012

Representations of the incarnations of the Indian god Vishnu, Bernard Picart, 1721.

Source: Rijksmuseum, Netherlands

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Are there similar illustrations for the other avatars? Can these be posted? Thanks

Awesome illustrations....

The "great" Picart's errors lead to 100+ years of erroneous hindu myth prints circulating all over europe. He never visited India nor searched out Indian statues. Ended up " fusing multiple arms of Indian deities at the elbow instead of the shoulder." But reprints of the famous Picart kept appearing in books even as late as 1850s. Some years back there was an exhibition on his work ( see - ). Anyone interested in setting up a similar exhibition in India, feel free to email & borrow Picart's complete India works & other foreign God prints from me. ( this kind of stuff - ).

For more on the subject of print images of Indian Gods, check out the books by (Neumayer & Schelberger) & by Cristopher Pinney, who has gone ahead & digitized his collection of old prints ( see - )

pls share alll those pics....