Posted on: 2 August 2012

General view of Aai Bhavani Temple, looking towards Kanheri Fort in the distance, Khandesh District, Maharashtra - 1885

Photograph of Aai Bhavani Temple at Khandesh District, taken by Henry Cousens in the 1880s, from the Archaeological Survey of India Collections. Henry Cousens writes in "Revised List of Antiquarian remains in the Bombay Presidency", vol.VIII, 1987: "At the upper end of the glen, on the east side of the stream, is the insignificant temple of Aai Bhavani. Very little of the original building now remains intact, most of what is seen being rebuilt from the material of an older temple. From what little does remain, the temple would appear to have been a cluster of small shrines, with one or two small halls...In the outside of the courtyard wall, built into the wall, is a much-abraded inscription slab, partly of old temple materials the inscription may not be, and probably is not, in situ. It records the grant of land and money by Somhadeva to the college established for the study of the Siddhantasiromani and other works of the astronomer Bhaskaracharya."

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It Must be Ai Bhavani.....pls. conform

Yes, to be precise Aai Bhavani. The location is a bit confusing to me. Its certainly in Maharashtra. Khandesh means the part of Northern Maharashtra while"looking towards Kanheri Fort" means what???

Thank you!...will correct the narration.

You welcome....

very well raju