Posted on: 25 July 2012

AbeBooks: The Difference Between an Ex-Library & an Ex Libris Book?

When searching on AbeBooks, you will see the terms ex-library and ex libris. Although they sound similar, it's important to not confuse them.

Ex-library indicates that the book was once in a public library. Ex-library books are usually identified with some marking of the library - a stamp, a card pocket, or catalog number. They are often marked as "discarded" or "withdrawn" or have their catalog number struck through when sold by the library. Ex-library books are often worn by use but they are very affordable.

Ex libris refers a book that has come from the library of an individual. Ex libris is Latin for "From the Library of......" An ex-libris book usually has a bookplate -- a small print of artwork pasted in that features the owner's name or initials.

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