Posted on: 21 June 2012

Jaina temple, Chittanur, Singavaram, South Arcot District - 1894

Photograph of the Jain temple at Chittamur from the 'Archaeological Survey of India Collections: Madras, 1894-95'. Chittamur is situated several kilometres east of Gingee in Tamil Nadu. This is a view from an elevated position outside one of the temple complexes, with a temple gateway or 'gopura' in the foreground. A gopura is a tall pyramidal tower that leads into the walled temple enclosure.

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What rare gems you have unearthed. Thanks for sharing them.

Nice old picture..... hmmmm....

Jain Temple with Gopuram, very surprising

What's the structure on the right? Looks like a 'rath'

It is definitly a Siva temple not a jain temple.

This is Mel Chittamur, on the Digambar pilgrims route. Jain temples in Kanchipuram and elsewhere in South India have gopurams, features borrowed to later Dravidian architecture. The structure on the right is a 'theru' indeed (wooden cart).