Jainism and its ancient origins

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 21 Jun 2012 Rare BOOKS
Digital Rare Book:
The Heart of Jainism
By Mrs.Sinclair Stevenson
Published by Humphrey Milford, London - 1915


To the general public Jainism is little more than a mere name, and even students of the Religions of India have often failed to give it the attention it well may claim. T... Read More
 21 Jun 2012 Rare Manuscripts
A Monk is Greeted at the Gate of the Coronation Hall: Folio from a Kalpasutra Manuscript
Master of the Devasano Pado Kalpasutra (active late 15th century)
Date: ca. 1475
India (Gujarat, possibly Patan) Medium: Ink, opaque watercolor, and gold on paper

This manuscript, executed on ... Read More
 20 Jun 2012 Rare Photographs
Jain colossal figure, 65 feet high, at entrance to Gwalior Fortress - 1895

Photograph of a colossal Jain figure at entrance to the Gwalior Fort, in Madhya Pradesh, taken by an unknown photographer as part of the Elgin Collection: 'Autumn Tour 1895. Vol. I'. Large sculptures of Jain Tirthankharas... Read More
 20 Jun 2012 Rare Photographs
Colossal rock-cut sculpture of the Jain tirthankara Adinatha, Gwalior - 1883

Photograph of a rock-cut sculpture of the Jain tirthankara Adinatha, in Gwalior, from the Archaeological Survey of India Collections, taken by Bourne and Shepherd in c.1883. Large sculptures of Jain Tirthankharas, or ... Read More