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 24 Mar 2013 Rare Paintings
A Bishop and a teacher from the Malabar Coast, India. Watercolour drawing.

Credit: Wellcome Library, London Read More
 20 Feb 2013 Rare Paintings
A Muharram figure: A Muslim worshipper with chauri and sword standing in front of a tazia.

Varanasi, India

Date: ca.1830

Painting on mica

Copyright: © V&A Images Read More
 5 Feb 2013 Rare Paintings
Portraits of Islamic saints and devotees with Persian inscriptions - 1796

A typed note pasted to the inside of the album cover reads:
"This album was made up for Tipu, ruler of Mysore from 1783-99, according to the inscription. Dated, Month of Akmadi = 1st month, 1225 = A.D. 1796.
This is ... Read More
 25 Jan 2013 Rare Manuscripts
Page from a large Qur’an in kufic script
Asia, late 8th century - early 9th century AD

Although severely damaged, this folio gives us a glimpse of the unique quality of the codex that once comprised it. The style in which it is written, characterized by a marked horizontal stretch in some let... Read More
 25 Jan 2013 Sculpture
Calligraphic dragon head
Golconda, 2nd half of the 17th century - 1st half of the 18th century

This brass openwork dragon or makara head was a finial piece from a religious standard (alam) displayed at a Shi’a Muslim shrine. It is composed of Arabic script: “Help is from God and Victory near”... Read More
 25 Jan 2013 Rare Paintings
View of Mecca showing the Kaaba.
Col J B J Gentil, Faizabad, ca. 1774.
Gentil Manuscripts.

Copyright: © V&A Images Read More
 25 Jan 2013 Rare Paintings
Muslim festival at a tomb of a saint, Murshidabad, ca. 1795 - ca. 1805
Murshidabad, India
Painting; gouache.

This is one of a group of nine paintings. They depict a durbar (public reception) at the Murshidabad court, and various Hindu and Muslim festivals and religious scenes. A Murshidabad ... Read More
 25 Jan 2013 Rare Paintings
Muslim festival scene: sacred objects being carried under a domed canopy, Tanjore, ca. 1800

Painting; gouache.

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 7 Jul 2012 Rare BOOKS
Digital Rare Book:
Sufism - Its Saints And Shrines
By John A. Subhan
Published by Lucknow Publishing House, Lucknow - 1938

Read Book Online:

Download pdf Book:

The Bais Hazari shrine of Nur Qutb 'Alam to the south of Pandua, seen from across a... Read More
 28 Jun 2012 Rare Paintings
Ink and gouache on stout paper, the rectangular page separated into various differnet panels depicting the sites of Mecca and Medina, the location names inscribed in Naskh script in black ink, the panels bordered with si... Read More
 28 Jun 2012 Rare Maps
Islamic map of the world - 18th Century.

The north is at the bottom, with the west to the right surrounded by unknown seas. The Indian Ocean, with the Red Sea, is on the left, with China, India and Iran in boxes to the right. The other sea shown is the Mediterranean next to which is a black squa... Read More
 25 Jun 2012 Rare Paintings
The dargah at Nizamuddin 19th century
Opaque watercolor on paper
H. 17 1⁄2 × W. 23 1⁄8 in. (44.5 × 58.8 cm)

Source: Arthur M. Sackler Gallery, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C. Read More
 6 Dec 2011 Rare Photographs
Muharram festival procession in Baroda - 1880

Photograph of a Muharram procession in Baroda (Vadodara) from the 'Album of portraits and views in Baroda' taken by an unknown photographer in c. 1880. The festival commemorates the popular saint Imam Husain, the Prophet Muhammad’s grandson and the s... Read More
 6 Dec 2011 Rare Paintings
Great Imambara, Lucknow - 1870

View of the Central Hall from the courtyard photographed by John Edward Saché (1870s). Nawab Asaf ud-Daula of Awadh (r.1775-97), requested architect Kifayat-ullah to construct the Great Imambara in 1784 , for the purpose of celebrating the Muslim festival of Muharr... Read More
 6 Dec 2011 Rare Paintings
The Muharram Festival. Asaf al-Daula, Nawab of Oudh, listening at night to the maulvi reading from the scriptures - 1795

Watercolour of the Muharram Festival, part of the Hyde collection, by an unknown artist working in the Murshidabad style, c. 1795. Inscribed on the back in pencil: 'The Nubob ... Read More
 4 Dec 2011 Rare Paintings
A Mahomedan of distinction with a Dervish on his Pilgrimage - 1813

Plate nineteen from the first volume of James Forbes' "Oriental Memoirs", a work based on copious notes and drawings made during his travels in India between the 1760s-70s. Forbes(1749-1819)spent most of his working life in Weste... Read More
 28 Sep 2010 Rare Photographs
Madaria Faqir, Eastern Bengal - 1860

Half-length portrait of a Muslim ascetic against a plain background taken by an unknown photographer in the early 1860s. This dervish or 'faqir' was a member of the Madaria order of Sufis who followed the saint Shaikh Sayyid Badi-u'd-din Qutb al-Madar. Born... Read More
 28 Sep 2010 Rare Paintings
Dervishes Dancing before a Group of Muslim Divines
Opaque watercolor and gold on paper, ca. 1760
India, Deccan region
Edwin Binney 3rd Collection

The small Persian inscription at the top of the painting identifies the scene: “Ecstatic Majlis of the Shaikhs of India”. A majlis is a nocturnal... Read More